Coming soon: ScheduleAssist

➡️ In a recent survey, 93% of appraisers said inspection scheduling is frustrating.

Good news! ScheduleAssist makes scheduling appraisal appointments a breeze for you and your contacts! It's completely customizable, and can even group inspections geographically to save you drive time (and gas money). You can finally say goodbye to the stress of playing email/text/phone tag with your contacts.

In one dashboard, you can quickly see the status of appointments, communication attempts, and can easily cancel or reschedule if you need to. You can also use automated text reminders, which should cut down on no-shows and no-access situations, so you don't waste time.


  • Is integrated with TOTAL 
  • Connects to your existing Google Calendar (Outlook coming soon!) without interfering with your non-work calendar items
  • Suggests inspection times based on your preferences, location, and current schedule 
  • Automatically keeps you and the inspection contact updated so there's no confusion 
  • Allows you to set defaults for inspection time, drive time, max # of appointments, and more 
  • Shows you everything in one dashboard, so you can stop having to manually update spreadsheets or paper calendars (unless you want to!)
  • Gives you the perfect combination of automation, customization, and control
  • Helps you provide the convenience and service your contacts expect

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Questions? Check out the ScheduleAssist FAQ.

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