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Setting up more monitors

With more than one monitor, you’ll work faster and boost accuracy. No more toggling back and forth on one screen or sifting through papers to find the information you need.

This eBook is your guide to adding more monitors. We cover:

  • What to look for in a good monitor
  • Instructions for setting everything up
  • Recommendations for stands
  • How to change your display settings
  • And more

You'll even see how to spread your appraisal across all of your screens with TOTAL. And if you don't have TOTAL yet, click here to learn more and get a free trial.

Setting up Multipl Monitors

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"Using multiple monitors has definitely made me more productive. It also reduces errors by copying pasting data right from the data source.

I use a la mode's mobile app on an iPad Pro in the field too. Then I sync the report back to my desktop with multiple monitors. This process has increased my production by approximately 30% - 40%."  — Mike Mila, Chicago Appraisals