Coming soon: LiDAR-assisted sketching!

Be the first to get your hands on this industry-revolutionizing technology! Our new exterior scanning feature uses LiDAR capability on approved Apple Pro devices to produce a sketch directly in our TOTAL for Mobile app. Join Joel Baker for a live Q&A on December 1st.

What does this mean for appraisers?

  • Generating a sketch can be as easy as pointing your mobile device and walking the perimeter
    • Quickly solve tough measurement situations such as bay windows, etc.
  • Your sketch never leaves your hands
    • You don't have to wait for someone else (a non-appraiser) to revise and send it back
  • You can verify measurements, GLA, etc. while you're still on site 

The first sneak-peek has appraisers saying things like:

"Very slick! Excited to have another tool to help with more difficult measurements."

Fill out the form to be notified about our beta release for this feature! Or click here to see the FAQ and get answers to the most common questions.

Beta period available to a la mode customers within the TOTAL for Mobile app. Available on LiDAR-equipped Apple devices – see list of supported devices here.

Get notified about this feature!

"Incorporating LiDAR technology into the sketching software is one of the most revolutionary advancements to the TOTAL For Mobile Platform since it was created. This technology should save a lot of time at appointments, help with difficult angles, and assist in taking measurements during sunny days when the laser doesn’t cut it."

— Kyle Gresh, Academy Appraisal Inc.