The Appraisal Website Guide

We totally get it. Making a website can be intimidating. How do you know where to start? What's important and what isn't? It can be hard to tell without the proper guidelines. But that's where this eBook comes into play. 

With this guide, you'll learn some helpful tips to keep in mind as you're setting up your site. Here are the main points we'll focus on: 

  • Theme and content 
  • Branding and communication 
  • Search engine optimization and stats 

Each section is a quick read, and will lay a good foundation for jumpstarting your website. And if you're ready to pull the trigger and set up your new site, check out our XSites. They're low-maintenance, and catered toward appraisers. You can learn more here


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51% of people think "thorough contact information" is the most important element missing from many company websites.